Silent Auction Pro Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing 2023

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You never know who’ll be out there willing to donate an amazing item. If online silent auction for nonprofits ’ve run a successful silent auction, you’ve probably found yourself some brand-new donors. Download Neon One’s Donor Retention Checklist for tools and insights that you can use to convert those brand-new donors into long-term supporters. To see the best fundraising results with your auction, it’s important not only to advertise the silent auction itself, but also to advertise your auction items. is a platform that provides a variety of auction formats for schools and other organizations.
Each winner must then pay for the items they’ve won, and then they’ll get to take their items home with them. After paying the costs of running the auction, your school or group gets to keep all the profits. Your event relies heavily on the items to be sold, so your procurement team’s involvement is crucial. Live auctions are traditional, where the bidding takes place with an auctioneer listing off each item and taking bids for them. Participants use paddles or call out to the auctioneer to place bids. These virtual auctions are easiest when hosted through a charity auction software provider.
Your team should pick a theme that aligns with your nonprofit organization’s mission and caters to its audience. For instance, a free grooming session or pet-themed auction basket may do well at a nonprofit event for animal rights. In addition, a nonprofit focused on education might give away a signed book by a famous author. However, your table design can make or break your success as it sets the tone of your silent auction. There are a few things your nonprofit should keep in mind when setting up its auction tables.
Your guests can even make their payments if they have already left your event or if they were bidding from home! Back in your host console, you will be able to see which bidders have paid for their items. If bidders choose to pay manually (with cash or check), you can mark them as paid manually, in order to help you keep track of payments. During a silent auction, each bid is written down on an auction bid sheet dedicated to a specific category or auctioned item. In some cases, each guest has her own clipboard with all of the auction items listed upon it and bids the highest amount she would be willing to pay for whichever items are of interest. Silent auction attendees are not aware of other bid amounts when the auction is conducted using individual clipboards.